About us

IMSLE are specialists in providing accredited MSL Training and coursework, Australian owned and operated.

IMSLE have created a unique and dynamic training experience for those who are wanting to specialise in a structured literacy approach with the addition of a multisensory component. IMSLE have been successfully offering and delivering accredited professional development training for teachers, schools, allied professionals and others interested since 2007. 

The IMSLE Australian Associate MSL course is recognised by the Australian Dyslexia Association (ADA) for accredited membership (AMADA) and aligns with the guidelines for effective practices set down by the Australian National Inquiry Into the Teaching of Literacy (Sir Ken Rowe), National Reading Panel (USA), The Big 6 (International) and the IDA Knowledge and Practice Standards for Teaching Reading-KPS (IDA, USA).

MSL is not a program where the child needs to fit the program, it is an approach where the educator is trained effectively to be flexible, diagnostic and highly knowledgeble in scientific reading principles and multisensory techniques enabling them to teach language and literacy in a direct, explicit, systematic, cumaltive and structured way. 


Jodi Clements is the IMSLE Course Director.
Kate Finnie is the IMSLE National Advisor.
Jess McInerney is the IMSLE New Zealand Advisor.
IMSLE also offers a supportive FB private page for trainees and AMADA's to network and learn frm each other in a safe and progressive space.
IMSLE has a number of trained Administration Staff including-
Adrian Jorgen is the IMSLE Accounts and Events manager.
Sarah Holmes is the Admissions Officer and MSL Advisor who can also assist with further course enquiries.
Jo, Jess and Jordan also help with Admininstration duties.

The IMSLE extended team is now a collective network of all accredited MSL professionals (AMADA's and MSL Trainees) in Australia and New Zealand. IMSLE welcomes international interest. IMSLE representative advisors are located in Victoria, Sydney, Queensland, Tasmania, Western Australia and New Zealand. They can be contacted for independent advice on how MSL can assist your particular setting in school or in private practice.

Read: Jodi Clements' IDA 2013 Publication in "Perspectives": Language and Literacy Editorial

National and International Interest

IMSLE continues to welcome applications from teachers and allied professionals world wide.
IMSLE have trained professionals from various countries including, NZ, S.E Asia, UK, USA and Europe. National interest in Australia has grown by word of mouth and IMSLE now offer training in three states of Australia each year: QLD, VIC and NSW. IMSLE are excited to have NZ onboard from 2015. IMSLE also offers the Associate accredited training online (live) via the Zoom platform- since 2020.

IMSLE professional development training information can also be found via the ADA's website, Education Department Professional Development Calendars and through various organisations and newsletters. In 2013 IMSLE professional development courses appeared as a guest feature in the Sydney Morning Herald and The Age.


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