Jennifer Buckingham, Why Australia should adopt the Phonics Year 1 Screener

  • In order to read proficiently, students need accurate and fluent word identification skills and adequate language comprehension. Put simply, they must be able to work out what the words on the page or screen are, and know what they mean. 


  • The most effective way to develop accurate and uent word identification is to learn the code of written English through being taught phonics ― the relationships between sounds in speech and the letter patterns in written words ― especially through an explicit teaching method called ‘systematic synthetic phonics’.

  • Literacy policies and programs in use in Australian schools do not consistently support effective teaching of phonics, and many teachers do not have the necessary knowledge and skills to teach in this way.

  • The UK government introduced a Year 1 Phonics Screening Check in all primary schools in England in 2012. It takes 5–7 minutes per student to administer by a teacher. Results are reported nationally. Individual school results are not published but are taken into consideration in school inspection reports.

For further information and access to Jennifer's full CIS report please follow the link below:


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